Monday, June 22, 2009

Disney World Vacation Part 3

Epcot!! One of the most amazing places I have ever been too. It was beautiful to start with, the attractions that were there were so fun, but World Showcase was fantastic! Even though you are right in the park, when you get deep into the pavilion it feels like you are in a different country. You hear the language, the music, smell the foods and spices from the country - I can't wait to go back!!
We started the day off with the Land & Sea. Did you know that there is a huge green house that grows almost all the fruit and vegetables used in the Disney Parks restaurants? They also have a fish farm, and raise animals that are endangered to release back into the wild! They plant everything above ground - like these melons- to eliminate the need for pesticides. And it looked really neat too! They had a mold for the pumpkins to have them grow into Mickey Ears. I think they use them for their Halloween displays.
Then it was time for our lunch reservation. We scheduled lunch with the Princesses in a castle in the Norway pavilion. I was so excited about this because my dad's family is Norwegian. Rolland was laughing because almost everyone who worked there was blonde and blue eyed and he claimed that we all looked alike. He was wondering if a couple of them were my cousins.... maybe they were!! Before lunch we explored the area. The girls made some crafts and took pictures with the legendary Norwegian Troll. The lunch was a lot of fun. When we walked in we got our pictures taken with Belle (the picture package was included with the meal) and then were escorted through the castle to our tables. They had a cold table for appetizers and salads, but there was a lot of traditional Norwegian food, read sea food, that I loved. The cold salmon was AMAZING!!! For the entree the kids picked from normal kid food but the adults could choose from a huge selection of traditional or American faire. I ordered lamb meatballs with ligonberry sauce (think Ikea) and the best potatoes I have ever had!! For dessert they brought a platter of all Norwegian dessert to share - More than enough for all of us! Then the princesses came out to spend time with us. We saw Ariel, Sleeping Beauty (the same girl we saw at the Magic Kingdom 2 days before, and she even remembered the girls!), Snow White, and Cinderella! Here are some pictures from our experience in Norway!

Now here is where the day got a little more interesting... After leaving lunch Aubrey said that her tummy hurt. I brushed it off thinking she had had too much excitement on a very full tummy. Well her tummy was full thats for sure, she threw up her entire $15.00 lunch all over the stroller and her pretty princess dress. Poor thing!! But we were OK, we took her to a family restroom. Put a change of clothes on her, rinsed off the dress and bagged it, and did our best to wash the stroller with the hand soap that was in the bathroom. She felt immediately better and was playing so we just trudged on trying to pretend the stroller didn't have puke smell. After that we made sure to park it away from people and didn't put the rain poncho over it when it rained - it needed to be rinsed off some more. Jump forward about an hour, we are in Canada and we are watching the 360 movie, really into it, and Aubrey says she has to go RIGHT NOW!!! The bathroom that was closest had to have been the smallest bathroom on property with only 2 stalls. She is literally jumping and holding her bottom. Thats right - bottom! Now you would think upon seeing this the 2 ladies in front of us might let us go first but that was not the case. Aubrey made it 1 step into the stall when she said, "Oh NOOOO!!" (You might want to stop here...) Diarrhea!! Of course!! What comes next I am not really proud of, but we were in Epcot and who knew the next time we would be here... She felt better and we stayed in the stall for awhile just in case. The "mess" was contained in her underwear so I just threw them away. Cleaned her up. And put her shorts back on so we could enjoy the rest of the day. I know... don't judge... we were there to have fun!! And we did!!! There was no issue after that (other than stopping Aubrey from telling strangers that she did in fact have no underwear on!) and we stayed until almost midnight. Just Rolland, Me, Bekah, the pooper, and the puke stroller - it was one of our best days and I am NOT being sarcastic!!
So with that, please enjoy our pictures from Epcot!! And if you go remember to pack clean clothes and a change of underwear!!


Brooke said...

What a FUN trip! I've loved seeing all the pictures and am excited for my little girls to grow up a little so we can take a trip like that. I have to admit--I was dying inside for you as I read of the other "adventures" you had to deal with. It's amazing how they can puke one minute and then be TOTALLY fine the next! I'm glad that yours were so you could all enjoy the rest of the day. I laughed at your "don't judge me" comment--cuz, I think we've all done stuff like that and thought..."I'm so glad nobody knows..." So funny!

Amy said...

LMAO! I'm sure you can laugh about it now....but at the time, I'm sure you weren't laughing! What a trooper you all were to get through that! Poor Aubrey! Glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the day!