Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Almost Moving Day....

Well we are almost done with the North Country, in just a few more days we will get into our cars and head out to Arizona.  I had thought I was going to get there for my 10 year reunion, but unfortunelty the Army had to slow us down one more time - so those of you who are going - HAVE FUN! I wish I could be there to catch up!!

The great thing about being here a few extra days is that I get to spend some time with my AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC friends! I am so sad about leaving them and I can't get into because it makes me sad!!! But that's what planes are for and real friends make the effort - so girls prepare, I'll be looking for a place to crash at least once a year!!

So I'll be offline for awhile until I can get settled again, but I am sure I'll have plenty of experiences to blog about.

Watch out Snowflake....Carrie is coming back to town!!!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Aubrey's 1st Dance Recital

I am so slow getting this up!!! Moving gets in the way of everything!!

A couple of weeks ago Aubrey had her first dance recital. Being a dancer myself I am SOOOOO excited my girls are getting to the age to really get into it. And yes, I resisted the urge to be a stage mom! Or at least I tried - Aubrey probably did have the most stage make-up and glitter on!  HA!! Her little dance studio is so cute and the teacher, Miss Cindy is AMAZING with the kids!  So, for her recital she did three numbers; two tap and one ballet.  The best part was that two of her really good friends, Zoe & Ashley, were in the class, and that made the whole experience even more special!  Here are some pictures from my little girl's big debut as a dancer!! (sniff, sniff!)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Field Trips

Coming back from a long vacation did not slow us down!! As soon as we got back in town the girls and I (poor Daddy always has to work) headed out for some more fun field trips.  We took a tour of the Watertown Fire Department and learned about Fire Safety.  All the Fire Fighters were super sweet to the kids and let them get into the truck and try on the uniforms. We had so much fun!!

We also went strawberry picking! I planned on only getting a pound or two, but we ended up with almost 10 pounds! Rebekah's bucket was full but Aubrey was a lot more picky about the quality of strawberries she picked, and only ended up with about 20 strawberries total.  I think the girls liked the tractor trip almost as much as picking the strawberries! Another great way to spend a summer afternoon!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Day at Disney World

I know these are up so slow, and now I have tons of other things to blog about, but we are preparing to move (next week) and my computer has been a little slow. Anyway...

We spent the last day of our vacation at Magic Kingdom. We got there for the opening ceremony and were one of the last out! It was a beautiful day.  We were there so early we conquered all of Adventure Land and Frontier Land before 10:00 am!  Since we had already done Fantasy Land and Tomorrow land a couple of days earlier, we were ale to relax and really enjoy ourselves.  Aubrey was a dare devil and rode Splash Mountain 4 times!!! The best part was the Spectromagic  Parade and the Fireworks show. Watching the castle change colors almost brought tears to my eyes!! We are honestly thinking of moving to Florida so we could be closer to Disney....I am so happy I married a fellow Disney Dork!!  Here are some pictures from our last day!