Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Ballerina

Aubrey's dreams are coming true and she is finally in a real dance class! Last week she started a ballet / tap combo class. She absolutely LOVES it! And she is surprisingly good considering this is her first real class. There are a couple of her friends in the class which makes it even more special. But poor Bekah Boo doesn't understand why she can't take any classes! She sulks and glares at me the whole time Aubrey is dancing. Next year sweet girl! Enjoy the photos courtesy of my friend Alicia... I'll remember my camera next time!! : )

All the kids (even Bekah!) got to ride the stick horses!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Knew a Box Was So Much Fun!

Why spend money on toys when a box is all you need!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dancing Queen

I used to go out dancing ALL the time.  During college I frequented the club scene.  My girlfriends and I would get gussied up and hit the dance floors.  Most people were there to drink but we usually ignored the bar.   Its hard to hold a drink on the dance floor, plus its bad for balance.  So between the clubs, dance classes in college and at the studios, and even coaching dance, I was a complete DANCING QUEEN!

And then I got married and had my beautiful babies and my club turned into a dirty laundry room and my studio became the sticky kitchen floor.  Once in awhile I would hear a song in a store or maybe a restaurant and would do a (probably not so subtle) shake but busting a move was usually permitted for house cleaning time and car trips.  Needless to say when this month our Moms Group outing was dinner and then drinks in a venue with a small dance floor, DJ, and a disco ball my heart totally skipped a beat.  Or should I said took up the beat of a favorite Justin Timberlake song!!

We had so much fun.  Dinner at a great italian restaurant and then to a mellow little bar with a tiny dance floor and lots of personality.  Here are some pics of evening out.  Notice how fancy we were.  I even had my tall heels on!!  (and paid for it today!!! OOHhhhh sore feet!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Answer to Prayer

Well as some of you know the past couple of weeks have brought a LOT of change.  Rolland was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan on Jan. 08th.  Before deploying the soldiers have to go through days of admin prep; legal papers, finance, medical evaluations, etc.  Well a few days before Christmas we found out that due to some of Rolland's medical issues (nothing serious, just prescription availability issues) he is NONDEPLOYABLE!!!  It was a total shock as we were mentally and emotionally as ready as we could be, and our house was mostly packed up for our move back to Arizona.  I mean it was a relief, but a roller coaster!

After Christmas we found out (for sure, there were earlier talks...) that since he cannot deploy that they are Med. Boarding him out of the Army. Another shock!  We weren't planning on staying in forever, but we weren't ready to get out this soon either!  But we have an awesome support system and terrific families who are encouraging of us starting a BRAND NEW chapter.  As of now they say its going to take 6-8 months but honestly it could take much shorter or much longer.  So when the Army is done with us we will be heading back to ARIZONA, but this time all together as a family! Yay!!!

This is all wonderful news for MY family, but I don't want to forget all the families and friends I have made who are effected by this deployment.  So please continue to pray for our soldiers and their families!