Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dancing Queen

I used to go out dancing ALL the time.  During college I frequented the club scene.  My girlfriends and I would get gussied up and hit the dance floors.  Most people were there to drink but we usually ignored the bar.   Its hard to hold a drink on the dance floor, plus its bad for balance.  So between the clubs, dance classes in college and at the studios, and even coaching dance, I was a complete DANCING QUEEN!

And then I got married and had my beautiful babies and my club turned into a dirty laundry room and my studio became the sticky kitchen floor.  Once in awhile I would hear a song in a store or maybe a restaurant and would do a (probably not so subtle) shake but busting a move was usually permitted for house cleaning time and car trips.  Needless to say when this month our Moms Group outing was dinner and then drinks in a venue with a small dance floor, DJ, and a disco ball my heart totally skipped a beat.  Or should I said took up the beat of a favorite Justin Timberlake song!!

We had so much fun.  Dinner at a great italian restaurant and then to a mellow little bar with a tiny dance floor and lots of personality.  Here are some pics of evening out.  Notice how fancy we were.  I even had my tall heels on!!  (and paid for it today!!! OOHhhhh sore feet!)


Mom2Zoey said...

I had a blast! You definitely are a dancing queen. I wish I could have stayed later and danced with you guys! Didn't want to post the pic of your moves huh? Ha!

Ballard said...

I miss those days of dancing. I would love to go out dancing sometime (after I get little more of this prego fat of me). I read about Rolland and that is great, so when are you moving back to AZ, we miss you. Hey I got my iChat on my computer and I want to try it with you. I need you mac, mobile me of AIM account name. You can email me with it if you want ( Talk to you soon.