Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Martin's Pretzel Factory Tour

I think I have mentioned how awesome our Moms Club is here, but just in case IT IS AWESOME!!!  A couple of weeks ago they organized a tour of the Martin's Pretzel Factory.  The factory is owned and operated  by a Pennsylvania Dutch family.  When we walked in literally everyone in the family was working on the pretzels.  Even the little kids.  They were gracious enough to show us around the factory and let us have some samples.  The kids even had a chance to roll their own pretzels.  Afterward we went to this Amish market that had some amazing goodies.  I stocked up on sprinkles, like cake sprinkles, in all sorts of shapes; buses, ABC's, teddy bears, unicorns, dolphins, cows, pigs, and those silver balls that are so hard to find!  They also had the BEST cheese puff balls!  Who knew?!  It was so much fun!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Aubrey's 4th Birthday

OK I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of Aubrey's 4th Birthday.  Hope you enjoy!
Here is the invitation...

When the guest walked in they walked through the wall of butterflies and bubbles and were able to get made up at the Pixie Hollow Beauty Salon where they got wings, their fairy crowns, and face painting.  (Boys got pirate hats)
Next it was time for games!  We played Freeze Dance, Pin the Star on Tink's Wand, and Help the Fairies turn Winter into Spring (a race moving cotton balls off a "garden" into a bowl) And made fairy houses and fairy wands!
Then it was time for food and presents!  Edible fairy wands (pretzels dipped in chocolate & sprinkles), lady bug crackers (tomato & olives on a ritz cracker) trail mix, fruit, cheese, and of course the cake!!  Then Aubrey got to open presents!!  My friends are amazing and gave Aubrey some fantastic presents!!! Thanks everyone!

As a take home gift everyone took home their own pixie dust and a fairy story book!
It was so much fun!  We had a great time celebrating with our friends!!  Now time to start planning Rebekah's!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!!

 I can't believe 5 years has gone by so quickly!  It seems like it was just yesterday, but then I think of everything that has happened during that time: Having a quick wedding because Rolland was getting stationed across the country, moving from Arizona to Washington D.C., then back to AZ for a couple of months to finish out my job, moving back to DC finally to be with Rolland, getting pregnant with Aubrey (surprise!) while planning our "formal" wedding (Oct 16), having Aubrey and then (surprise!) having Rebekah, switching houses 3 times while we were there, finding our "favorite house" in Virginia and then finding out we were moving to New Yorka few months later (we signed a 2 year lease!), getting ready for Rolland to deploy only to find out days before he wasn't, and then now waiting to see what the next step will be knowing the only constant thing in our life has been our family!!  We are so blessed to have a WONDERFUL little family!

Rolland is a fantastic husband.  He is beyond intelligent, funny, a big dork (just like me!), he pampers me even when I don't deserve it.  He always gets me water at night, starts my car on cold days, and changes the diapers when I don't feel like it.  And he is one AMAZING daddy!  The things he does for our little princesses is above and beyond.  They have him wrapped around their painted little fingers.  He even took off a week of work to watch them so I could go on a cruise to the Bahamas! See, amazing!!
I am anxious to see where life takes us.  We have had some really hard times the past 5 years but am so thankful because it has brought us closer together.  He truly is my best friend and there is no one I would rather spend my time with.  I love you Rolly-Roo!!  Happy Anniversary!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aubrey's Fairy Birthday

Here is a quick little slide show until I have time to post all the pictures!  It was a lot of fun!!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Aubrey!

I can't believe that my Aubrey Elise is 4 today!  Time goes by so quickly!  I am so blessed to have such a sweet, smart, amazing little girl to be a Mama to.  She is so much fun to watch whether she is dancing and singing, putting on a play, explaining the world to her little sister, or just saying...."oh brother Mama!..."  She has a sweet tender little spirit and feels things very deeply.  Yet she can hold her own and be stubborn too!  I am excited to watch her become an individual and can't wait for the adventure ahead!  Here is a ton of pictures that I couldn't narrow down of my Wooblet.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  We love you!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Countdown to Birthday Time - Aubrey's Tinker Bell Party

OK I know that everyone knows that I am CRAZY about the whole party planning thing so here we go again....

Aubrey is LOVING Tinker Bell right now and wanted a Garden Fairy / Tinker Bell party for her 4th birthday. I quickly jumped on Google images and found some awesome ideas! The party is on Saturday but here is a preview of some of the decorations!