Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Martin's Pretzel Factory Tour

I think I have mentioned how awesome our Moms Club is here, but just in case IT IS AWESOME!!!  A couple of weeks ago they organized a tour of the Martin's Pretzel Factory.  The factory is owned and operated  by a Pennsylvania Dutch family.  When we walked in literally everyone in the family was working on the pretzels.  Even the little kids.  They were gracious enough to show us around the factory and let us have some samples.  The kids even had a chance to roll their own pretzels.  Afterward we went to this Amish market that had some amazing goodies.  I stocked up on sprinkles, like cake sprinkles, in all sorts of shapes; buses, ABC's, teddy bears, unicorns, dolphins, cows, pigs, and those silver balls that are so hard to find!  They also had the BEST cheese puff balls!  Who knew?!  It was so much fun!!


holly shaw said...

You do have a great group there you are always doing something really cool. Thats awesome

Mom2Zoey said...

It was fun!