Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Field Trips

Coming back from a long vacation did not slow us down!! As soon as we got back in town the girls and I (poor Daddy always has to work) headed out for some more fun field trips.  We took a tour of the Watertown Fire Department and learned about Fire Safety.  All the Fire Fighters were super sweet to the kids and let them get into the truck and try on the uniforms. We had so much fun!!

We also went strawberry picking! I planned on only getting a pound or two, but we ended up with almost 10 pounds! Rebekah's bucket was full but Aubrey was a lot more picky about the quality of strawberries she picked, and only ended up with about 20 strawberries total.  I think the girls liked the tractor trip almost as much as picking the strawberries! Another great way to spend a summer afternoon!