Saturday, June 20, 2009

Disney World Vacation Part 2

After a good nights sleep we headed to the Magic Kingdom. This was my favorite park, probably because it brings back memories of being a child at Disneyland, how magical everything is, or maybe because I am a huge Disney freak and this park IS Disney! But regardless we were all giddy this day! So first things first we got our picture in front of the castle (I have to order my pictures from the Disney Photo those will come later) and then we headed to Toon Town to gather autographs. Instead of using the autograph books we used two big picture mats and had the characters sign all around the mat. Now we have an awesome memory to frame our favorite Disney photos in! We visited the Princesses tent, Tinkerbell and her other fairy friends, and Mickey! But along the way we also saw Alice & the White Rabbit. By the end of the trip I think we met 34 characters and got 20 something autographs. I had never "hunted" characters was really fun!

Because we had a late night the night before and we were doing the Magic Kingdom twice we had an early day (7:00pm) I am so glad we split this park into 2 days because the first day we only did Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. It was such a relaxing day - even when it poured for an hour!! Enjoy the pictures from the Magic Kingdom!!


Mom2Zoey said...

so awesome! I'm so glad you guys got to take this vacation!