Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Almost Moving Day....

Well we are almost done with the North Country, in just a few more days we will get into our cars and head out to Arizona.  I had thought I was going to get there for my 10 year reunion, but unfortunelty the Army had to slow us down one more time - so those of you who are going - HAVE FUN! I wish I could be there to catch up!!

The great thing about being here a few extra days is that I get to spend some time with my AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC friends! I am so sad about leaving them and I can't get into because it makes me sad!!! But that's what planes are for and real friends make the effort - so girls prepare, I'll be looking for a place to crash at least once a year!!

So I'll be offline for awhile until I can get settled again, but I am sure I'll have plenty of experiences to blog about.

Watch out Snowflake....Carrie is coming back to town!!!!!!!


Mom2Zoey said...

I am gonna miss you sooo much! You can stay here anytime!

LongFamily said...

It would be so nice to see you guys. Is there anywhere in the middle of us? We're still in Tucson