Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures of April Fun!

This month has been crazy busy but so much fun! So instead of like 6 different post I am going to lump them into one big picture post!!

The girls were invited to two separate Hannah Montana birthday parties.  They were able to dress up and have sparkly hair and dance all over the place! Here are some pics from those parties!

Getting ready to leave for the next party
Musical Chairs
Horse Race
Aubrey and her good friend Cadence looking cool!
Musical Parade
Mexican Hat Dance
The temperature finally warmed up this past week and on Monday was up to 90 degrees so our Mom's Club took all the kids to the Syracuse Zoo and Chuck E Cheese.  Aubrey & Rebekah had a great time and even touched an elephant!!!

 The kids could see themselves dancing on all the big screens
AND THEN... that same week we took the kiddos to our little Zoo in Watertown.  Not as many animals but they still had fun. It turns out a big sand box is all you need!
Alright thats it! It was a great month and the May calendar is filling up...