Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rebekah's 3rd Birthday - CANDYLAND

We celebrated Rebekah's birthday  a little early this year with a Candyland theme birthday party.  The party was at the same big gym that Aubrey's party was and I had a lot of fun transforming the space into Candyland.  

On all sides of the gym were activities the kids had to do in order to get to the candy castle.  Starting with a ring toss in Peppermint Forest.

After that they followed the path to Gumdrop pass where they had to guess how many gumdrops were in the jar.  The guesses ranged from 2-112!  The actual number...120!
Then off to Peanut Acres to visit Grandma Nut.  They took turns finding the Hershey's Kisses in the box of peanuts with their eyes closed.  Seems easy but they really do feel a lot alike!!
Next it was off to Lollipop Woods to make your Mommy (or Daddy!) into a lollipop!
We followed the path to my favorite place the Chocolate Swamp.  There we dipped apples, strawberries, bananas, and strawberries into Gloppy's Chocolate Swamp.

Finally! We made it to the Candy Castle...a buffet of candy that the kids were able to take home and enjoy!!
After a game of Candyland Bekah was ready to get to the cake and presents!  The kids ran around and danced and burned a little of the sugar off! It was a fantastic time!! But by the end we were all tired!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boo!!


Brandi said...

Oh my goodness Carrie, your girls are the most beautiful little cuties I have seen!! They are so sweet!!! What a fun party! They sure are lucky to have an awesome mom like you!!! :)