Friday, April 3, 2009

What We Have Been Up To - Picture Blog

I have been really bad at keeping up with events.  Our Mom's Club has been doing some really fun things but either I have forgotten our camera, or the batteries were dead.  So luckily my friends post them on face book and I can "borrow" them.  So enjoy the past couple of months worth of pictures!

We took a tour of Petco.  The kids learned about reptiles and saw some rodents and birds.

The Mom's took a night out to play BINGO!  We annoyed a lot of the older regulars but we had a BLAST! I won $30! 
We had a really fun St Patricks Day party.  Food, crafts, bouncing house, and games!

Who needs the bouncy house to be blown up?
Throw the gold coins in the hat!

We played Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, and Red Light Green Light

Look at our rainbows!

I hosted a cooking class where we made hot dog roll ups and S'more muffins...yummy!

Time for another Mom's night!! We played Cranium and had an awesome time.  Thank God for good girlfriends and yummy fuzzy navels!! 

We took a tour a the Post Office and learned how to stamp the mail, where it goes, & how to sort it out.  They gave the kids awesome gift bags with coloring books, stickers, and animal crackers.  Thanks Evan's Mills Post Office!

Every time a letter came through they would start cracking up!
Just a couple of days ago we took a tour of Pizza Hut.  Our tour guide was awesome and took the kids through the kitchen, the freezer, and let them make their own personal pizza.  The kids and the adults had a great time!

They are all yelling PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!!!!!!!
Don't really know what is going on here, but our guide was HILARIOUS!!!
Aubrey and her ham pizza masterpiece!!!
We love Pizza Hut!!
Wow!! We are busy... no wonder I am tired all the time!! Can't wait to post our new adventures!


Ballard said...

That's awesome that you are getting your kids out and getting to know that world around them. I might have to still some of your ideas. It all looks like fun.