Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall in The North Country

It as been raining here nonstop, so when I saw a glimmer of sunlight yesterday morning I quickly grabbed the family, packed a lunch, and we took off for the Adirondacks.  Since it is already cold here (the highs were in the upper 40s yesterday) the leaves are peaking.  We headed to a little town on the top of the ridge called Old Forge.
 We took a Ski Lift to the top of the mountain to look at the view.  On the way up we even saw deer grazing directly on the run below us. The view was amazing!!  We had no idea how many lakes and rivers were in the area.   The colors were so bright and beautiful.
 It was so peaceful, and to me,  was a very spirtual experience.  Seeing God's pure creation, and letting Him delight me through nature.

We took a 25 min hike around the top of the mountain.  The girls collected leaves and ran and jumped and just LOVED being outside.  After the ride down we enjoyed the little town of Old Forge.  We walked around the lake front, went into a bunch of little shops, and had dinner and a little local restaurant.  It was a fantastic Fall today!!


Lizzy Deaton said...


The pictures are amazing!!! I am so glad you are getting to see this place at such a beautiful time! What a blessing!!!

Brooke said...

Wow! What pretty colors! It looks like you guys had such a fun day. I loved all the pictures.

Brooke said...

Hey Carrie!
No, he hasn't been home for his 2-week leave yet. Deciding when we'd do that was SO we try to do it so he could be here for the birth, or right after the birth, or what? We finally decided to plan it for Thanksgiving time. We figure he'll get to see more family then and the baby will be about 6 weeks old, so she'll be more interactive and more adjusted to "life." So...that's our plan! We'll just see if the military cooperates. He was just told that they lost all of the paperwork he filled out months ago for his leave--so, he's having to redo all of that. They tend to lose really important paperwork pretty often I've learned. :)

holly shaw said...

That looks really awesome. It has to be nice to be able to spend some time with your husband and make some awesome family memories. On your my space it looked really cool all the fun things that you've done.