Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Fun!!

We have been having so much fun and making some really great family memories. Awhile ago we took the girls bowling using the ramps and the bumpers. Rolland and I weren't even letting the girls win and Bekah still beat us!!

We also took the girls to Old McDonald's Farm to look at animals and take a hayride. There was a Wizard of Oz themed corn maze the girls loved, especially the "Spooky - Spooky" witch!!

Fall here is beautiful and we were blessed to have been able to move here during such a great season. Rolland was able to take leave before he had to sign into his new unit and we have been able to do some amazing trips. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to create some family memories before he deploys!


holly shaw said...

Really cool castle. Can you imagine the people you'd have to hire just to clean it. I know that your husband has had leave but are you coming to az around christmas