Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creepy Halloween Pictures

I went on a walk along the Black River a few weeks ago.  It runs right by our house and is so relaxing to see, especially with the foliage and the geese flying overhead.  I probably walked about 3 miles when I came upon this really old cemetery.  I really am not "into" cemeteries but this one was really beautiful.  The tombstones were really old and some were moss covered.  And then there was a huge cross in the middle, that was actually really comforting and powerful to see.  I took some pics to turn into a Halloween collage - well probably not the cross pic, but the rest of them.  So a little weird I know, but I am experimenting with Halloween decor.  So...enjoy!


Ballard said...

That actually really pretty. Kind of creepy but pretty. I wish there were nice place to walk around here.

holly shaw said...

The trees look so awesome in the background really colorful that does look like a good place to be for fall