Friday, December 7, 2007

My First Blog

So its Christmas time and like always our family is busy traveling.  We are going to Arizona for Christmas, spending half the time in Mesa with Rolland family and half the time in Snowflake with my family.  Its a fun trip but getting through security with two toddlers, two car seats, a double stroller, carry-ons, and us is a nightmare to say the least.  Add on a 3 hour layover and I am already exhausted.  So with the stresses of Christmas travel coming up we decided to take a fun family trip to help prepare ourselves.  We are going to New York City!!!

We have been planning this trip to NYC for awhile.  We are going to go Christmas shopping, look at storefronts, and with the ongoing snow storm, freeze our tushies off!!  Kinda miffed about that. said yesterday Saturday was scheduled for sunny skies.  Hopefully God will literally shine down some grace on us.  And can I tell you about the deal we get to stay there.  $70 a night, 2 room suite!!!  There are advantages to the military!! We are staying at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn.  Which is also great because it is next to a neighborhood that has one of the largest Christmas lights displays. (We saw it on the Travel channel)  So that's it for my first blog.  I have to go pack for the city, we leave in a few hours!!



Brent and Michelle said...

Awesome Carrie! I am so jealous you live so close to NY! I still have never been. We are on our way to Snowflake today as well:) However, we are DRIVING! AHHHHH! I think we are half crazy as it is a 17 hr trip. We are going to try to do it part today and part tomorow though, so it shouldnt be that bad. Hopefully we make it through the storm! Gotta love the winter. I'm so glad you are blogging! Talk to you soon.