Thursday, December 13, 2007

New York City

So, we made to NYC and home safe!  We had such a fun trip, and even though it took us 2 hours just to get out of DC we made it before the girls were too exhausted.  The first thing we realized about our day is that NYC is not stroller friendly.  Well, at least the subways.  I'm not going to be needing arm exercise after carrying a double stroller up and down to the subway terminals! 

Our first stop was Canal Street in China Town where I did some great knock-off shopping.  And after going a couple of times I have finally got the hang of it.  If you want good stuff don't buy off the street, go to the back of the store and ask if they have anything better.  I was looking for Coach bags and did this.  A little Chinese lady got on a walkie-talkie had me meet someone in the back that led me to a "secret" stairway into a big closet in their attic that was full of great stuff.  I put my haggling skills to work and talked them down from 100 each for a purse to 70 for 2.  I know following a little Chinese man up a skinny stairway into a warehouse doesn't sound safe, but I saw other tourist do it and thought, "They don't look traumatized!"  Oh, and I left my husband and kids outside next to a magazine stand why I investigated.  So hurray! My sister and mom are getting great handbags.
We then decided to walk to Manhattan (only a couple of miles) we stopped to let the 
kids play at a playground right in Washington Square, where the Arc D' Triumph is and I swear they were sliding with Celebrity kids. OK, well maybe not, but there were a lot of parents who were sitting inconspicuously with large dark glasses. 
Anyway, up to Mid Town to see Macy's...
When people say millions visit NYC at Christmas, they are telling the truth, and they were all there Saturday! We kind of saw the storefronts and the Rockefeller tree, but there were so many people it was really hard to see anything.  We did get to Grand Central Station to watch their Kaleidoscope show.  They project it onto the walls and ceiling of the Grand was beautiful.  We wanted to go to FAO Shrwatz, but the line was literally around the building, so we ended up leaving the city early.  We took the subway back to Brooklyn where we were staying ate at a tiny pizza place that was FANTASTIC! and went to Dyker Heights, the neighborhood we saw on the Travel Channel known for their lights.  Amazing!!  Then after that we headed home, and again home before midnight.  So, yeah it was a quick trip, but so much fun!!  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Here are some pics.  


David and Sandy said...

Sounds like you all had fun. I wish we could do stuff like that, but we live in boring Snowflake where you have to make your own fun. Well cannot wait to see you around Christmas.

hollyshaw said...

its really amazing thinking of all the fun things that the big city offers. Hope that you have a great christmas in Phoenix at least it will be a warmer christmas.