Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was tagged

1.How long have you been together? October 21 2001 - 7 years 2 months

2.How long did we date? We were married Feb. 9th 2004 so... 2 years 4 months

3. How old is he?26 - a baby!! I am 2 years older than him

4. Who eats more? Rolland hands down. And "boy" food too, gross!

5. Who said, "I love you," first? probable me, I'm the romantic

6. Who is taller? Rolland

7. Who does the laundry? Me

8. Who does the dishes? Me unless Rolland is home on the weekend than he usually loads the dishwasher
9. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me

10. Who pays the bills? Pays as in sends the money? Me Rolland makes all the big money though (and funds my hobbies - thanks honey!)

11. Who mows the lawn?Property management. The joy of renting

12. Who cooks dinner? I usually do, but Rolland has taken an interest in cooking and I love not having to do that

13. Who is more stubborn? Equal tie totally - you should see how long arguments last in this house. Neither of us backs down!

14. Who kissed who first? I think I win this one
15. Who asked who out? We didn't really have a first "date" it was a lot of hanging-out with friends, movies and pizza. Our first date was probably a movie or something

16. Who proposed? Rolland ... interesting story though

17. Who is more sensitive? I am more of a crier but Rolland has a soft heart. I am more like that's sad, get over it. He feels things deeper than me.

18. Who has more siblings? Same. We both have a brother and a sister. I am the youngest which explains a lot. Rolland is the middle which explains a lot

19. What were you doing ten years ago? A senior in HS, probably doing Christmas concerts for choir, dancing in the Christmas Spectacular, figuring out what to do during Christmas break

20. Five things on my to-do list: pack my house, not stress out about Army stuff, spend time loving my family, have a cup of coffee, figure out a way to entertain kids today

21.Things I would do if I was suddenly made a billionaire. Pay off my parents house. Buy one for me. Student Loans. Travel. Change the life of someone deserving. Personal Chef and trainer in my house.
22. Three of my bad habits: being too busy, bread and cheese, tv

23. Five places I have lived: Snowflake, AZ Yay! Alexandria VA Yay! Fort Drum NY Yay! Mesa AZ Yay! Under a park bench.. just seeing if you are actually reading this!

24. Five jobs I have had: Dance teacher - my favorite this far other than being a mom! A Director at PBS for Horizon, Sports Producer Assistant for ABC Sprts / ESPN, Cheer Coach for a ridiculously swanky school in Phoenix (Phoenix Country Day School) And being a MAMA!!!

25. Things people don't know about me: theres not much, I am pretty open person, lets see... I still believe in Santa, I hate humidity, I am going back to school to get my teaching degree.

I tag Holly, Jennifer, Alicia


Mom2Zoey said...

I filled it out on my blog and FB. Check it out!

Melissa said...

Now you have to tell the proposal story! :)