Friday, November 21, 2008

Festive Fall Home

I have lived in 4 different houses in the past 6 six years, and every single one I tried to decorate to make feel like home. Even though the last one in Virginia was my favorite (apple blossom tree in the backyard, a lake with a playground across the street, seeing deer from my living room) this one is coming in close second. And even though we will be living here for a total of 4 months I am still trying to go all out for Fall and Christmas. With Rolland leaving soon (and the fact that we are having out of town guest for Thanksgiving) I wanted to make our house look special and festive. Also just because I love to do it! So here are some pictures of some fall decor, enjoy! (here you go Mom, since you can't see Facebook :) )


holly shaw said...

That looks really cute. Wish I had the same talent

Mom2Zoey said...

Beautiful Carrie!

Ballard said...

Great job. Want to come do my house. I have tried to get some little Fall things out put then I just get going on baby stuff and forget the fall/ christmas stuff.