Monday, April 14, 2008

I Don't Know What I Did to Get on Her Good Side...

I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas that, get this, my mother-in-law paid for. It was a girls trip with her and my sister-in-law. I am very grateful, but those who know me the last 8 years or so know that we got off to a bumpy start. So I am happy to say that I think she is accepting me! What a nice way to show it, right!?

I have a lot more pictures but I lost my USB cable, so as soon as I get it, I'll share! I didn't want to come back to still cold Virginia. I wish I could've shipped my family out to Nassau to be with me. I would still be sitting there with my margarita!!


Lizzy Deaton said...

you got me started!!!!

I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

You know . . . my girls can sing almost all of Such Great Heights! It is pretty funny!!!!