Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plumbing: A Lesson I Didn't Want to Learn

Aren't kids wonderful? Especially those free spirited, creative, hands on kids? We have been in our house less than a month and have already broke it in - MAJOR!! I walked into our master bath and noticed the toilet wasn't flushing all that great. That happens sometimes, especially with a newly potty-trained 3 year old who uses way too much toilet paper. So I plunged and noticed that 2 hot rollers came up to the surface. HOT ROLLERS?! IN THE TOILET?! I looked under the sink where I keep them and noticed there were some missing and panicked! I plunged like crazy, bought a toilet snake, but nothing worked. I called my Dad and tried to convince him that flying from AZ to VA would be cheaper than me paying a plumber, he didn't agree. Instead he told me how to take apart the toilet. So I did. I disconnected it, flipped it upside down, stuck my hand up the bottom (NOT my favorite part) and discovered not 1, not 2, but......7 hot rollers!!! She flushed 9 hot rollers!!! So now I am accomplished plumber and honestly I haven't felt that proud of myself for a long time! My husband was lucky that he works crazy hours and is also going to school, leaving me to figure stuff out for myself! But remember, if you need toilet help, let me know...I am prepared!


holly shaw said...

Got to love the things that kids do. So just a random question did you buy new hot rollors?

Carrie LaHaie said...

Well I threw the "used" ones away. And have yet to purchase new ones in fear that she'll want to experiment again!